June 1982: Festival ’82

Introduction to The Creek newspaper

by Beryl Wilson, Former Editor

The 223 issues of The Creek newspaper archived here were published over 20 years  (June 1982 – July 2002)  first with four pages bi-monthly, soon growing to eight pages monthly.

The paper actually originated soon after the first residents moved into False Creek South in 1976.   Edited by Elizabeth Wright of False Creek Coop and published intermittently until 1979, its demise was greatly mourned by a loyal following of local residents,

Joining that loyal following after moving into False Creek in 1978 and after also mourning the paper’s demise for two years, in 1982 I decided to revive The Creek. Probably due to my complete lack of any previous journalism experience, the paper reflected my personality to such a degree that people often referred to The Creek simply as ‘Beryl’s paper.

Someone once wrote “Your quirky little paper manages to instil a friendliness into our neighbourhood and has almost created a small town atmosphere in the middle of this big, anonymous city.”

For longtime residents, dipping into these archived issues will be an entertaining trip down memory lane.       For others who are curious, a good introduction to what The Creek paper was about can be found in the three-page 20 Year Retrospective in the penultimate issue, June 2002.     A glance at the front pages will show it was always a very parochial little paper, devoted to covering the activities, celebrations, and periodic serious issues of the neighbourhood, including Granville Island.

Its pages were always open to anyone who wanted to contribute.    Many residents wrote articles and columns on topics dear to their hearts, some of them for many years.

The False Creek South Neigbourhood Association contributed toward the printing costs for the 20 years and covered the cost of digitizing all The Creek issues.

It should be noted that The Creek did continue for about four years after 2002 under the editorship of Amita Daniels. Neither copies of Elizabeth Wright’s earlier issues nor of Amita Daniel’s later version were available for inclusion in this archive


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