False Creek South Neighbourhood Association and *RePlan Principles

The False Creek South Neighbourhood Association adopted the following principles to ensure the area remains a wonderful place to live and visit for decades to come. These principles guide all of *RePlan’s work with the City of Vancouver and community residents:

    1. Provide residents with an affordable option to remain in the community beyond lease expiry dates. Certainty around lease renewal is a priority in moving forward.

    2. Achieve a demographic mix that is similar to that of the region, but with an increased proportion of housing for low and middle income workers and households with children.

    3. Seek opportunities for increased density while respecting the historic urban design pattern of buildings and open space.

    4. Continue to embody City of Vancouver initiatives: greenest city, affordable housing, and financial sustainability.

    5. Model a process for dialogue, decision-making, partnership and change that is inclusive of all stakeholders.