Your *RePlan Strata Delegates

*RePlan Strata Delegates have been elected by their strata members. Together, they constitute the *RePlan Strata Leaseholder Subcommittee, which works to:

Advocate for the collective interests of the strata property owners and to explore, with the City, the development of options for the future of our leases.

Who We Are

Strata Enclave

SLS Delegates

658 Leg-in-Boot Square

Robert Renger

666 Leg-in-Boot Square

Rosalie Hawrylko

Ralph Skinner

Alder Bay Place

Scott Hughes

Jaki Chantler

Creek Village

Richard Marchant (SLS Chair)

Marta Hutton

Fountain Terrace

Tom Gibbons

Linda Lytle

Harbour Terrace

Marie-Claude Collins

Wayne Sutherland

Heather Point

Jerry Roy


John Sanders

Hans van der Slagt

Tom Beechinor

Marine Mews

Sharon Yandle

Josef Skala

Mariner Point

Cory Lake

Lisa May

Market Hill Terrace

Jim Woodward

Doug Ramsey

Spruce Village

Panos Grames

Monty Wood

Stamps Landing (Commercial)

Trevor Katz

Stamps Landing (Residential)

Jim Taggart

If you require any assistance contacting your delegate please get in touch with your strata council or *RePlan at *email is hidden, JavaScript is required*