Want your kids to eat their veggies?

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All sorts of families grow in False Creek South, including many with young children. When children are taught how to garden and grow food, they learn first hand that food comes from the natural world and develop respect for Mother Nature in coming to understand natural cycles:

Did you know…

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  1. That in the early 70’s the architectural firm of Thompson, Berwick & Pratt, designing much of the emerging community of False Creek South, tasked the students they’d employed with naming the newly-created streets? 

  2. That one of those students, Jef Keighley, who later became a union […]

Clean Team Cleans Up: Margaret Mitchell Place Pitches In

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While the community prepares for its annual cleanup this week, keeping False Creek South clean happens every day in the eastern side of the neighbourhood.

The Clean Team – residents of Margaret Mitchell Place at Ash Street near Commodore– work in pairs in the daily task of cleaning garbage […]

Neighbour Profile: Small Miracles

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You might walk by the first time and not notice the small miracle. At first glance there is nothing unusual about a group of adults, some with happy dogs, chatting on a wide part of the seawall just west of Spyglass. The second time you pass by, you […]

Planning False Creek South: What’s next?

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In the early 1970s the City of Vancouver took a bold step in reimagining the former industrial lands at False Creek South as a new urban residential neighbourhood. The master plan called for a mix of one-third each of non-market rental housing, co-ops and condominiums in a low-to […]

Introduction to Between the Bridges

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The City of Vancouver initiated the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association in the 1970s in order to create a collective voice for residents within its visionary new livable community along the south shore of False Creek. Over the years the Association has represented neighbourhood views, negotiated improvements,  sponsored numerous community-oriented events and initiatives, […]

Neighbour Profile: Convivial? Very!

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When Beth Dempster wondered what to name her first coffee shop she received unequivocal advice: Find a short word that people will understand.

Instead, she chose Convivial because “it’s such a great word and I love it”. Conceding that “hardly anyone knows what it means”, she devotes half a […]

Strata Leaseholder Society Holds First Special General Meeting

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On February 19, the newly-formed Strata Leaseholder Society Bargaining Agency held its first Special General Meeting at the Holiday Inn on Broadway. Despite the wet weather, an efficient group of neighbourhood volunteers registered around 230 agency members and guests, who huddled into the Arbutus Ballroom for a presentation, […]

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