Azad, Helwa, Aya and Pella Fall Update

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Whats new with Azad, Helwa, Aya and Pella? Read on!

English Classes

Helwa continues to attend afternoon English Classes at MOSAIC at level 5.  In September she was able to take both girls with her as child care became available for them.  Azad started informal classes with Wes in September.  Wes and Marie-Claude will […]

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Syrian family in False Creek South celebrates Pella’s birthday

Neighbours and friends came together on August 12th to wish Pella a happy 2nd birthday. The family is settling in nicely to the warmth and friendship of our community, some four months after their arrival. Eldest daughter, Aya (4), is on the waiting list for pre-school […]

Our Family Arrives!

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Our Syrian refugee family has finally arrived!  Azad, Helwa, Aya (4) and Pella (1 1/2) arrived at YVR on Thursday April 13, 2017. On April 12 they boarded a plane in Erbil, Iraq and flew Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and then on to Toronto. They went through customs and rested overnight in Toronto and flew […]

Action to Speed Refugee Arrivals

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This afternoon, Vancouver City Council passed the following motion unanimously.  This is the motion sent to us by John Sewell and Doug Earl of Canada4Refugees, a coalition we joined of private sponsors across Canada waiting for families to arrive.  The Canada4Refugees coalition hopes motions like this will be passed in various cities/towns across Canada.

Action to […]

CANADA DAY 2016 – Rami, Cedar and Lilyan’s First!

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Rami, Cedar and Lilyan have moved to the False Creek South Neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago, following their arrival to Canada in early 2016. Many members of the community are actively supporting the family in their daily tasks: from English lessons over babysitting to cultural acclimatization support.

Living in close proximity to the most sought-after destination […]

False Creek South residents welcome new family to the community!

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We now have a family to live in the apartment we have rented in False Creek South.  As it turns out this is a government-sponsored family.  They have very little English. Our community and volunteers will certainly be able to provide them with much more support than would be usual for government-sponsored refugees.

They are a […]

Face-to-face meeting with Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum

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Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.58.23 PMThe Vancouver Sun carried an article recently from Daphne Bramham about our attempts to speed up the processing for our family in the Iraqi refugee camp.

One of our Syrian Refugee Committee members, Wes Knapp, also met with Minister […]

Encourage Action on our Refugee Family

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Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.11.28 PM

To our neighbours,

We are encouraging everyone in the neighbourhood to write to our local politicians about the delay in processing our refugee family.  Below is a template you can adapt to your own preferences and […]

Refugee Sponsorship Report to FCSNA Meeting March 2, 2016

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151222 - Vancouver Sun 11605883Update on the Family

We learned this week that our application has been approved and we now have a case number in Winnipeg (the office of Immigration Canada), an essential requirement in the sponsorship process.    The file is now on the […]

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