Our Mission is to create a dialogue with the City of Vancouver to establish a process to preserve and enhance the False Creek South community beyond lease end, enabling the community to evolve and diversify in a way that is sustainable for existing residents and the City of Vancouver

We are an organization of over thirty active volunteers working with co-ops, stratas and nonprofits in False Creek South towards a successful community planning process and resolution of lease-end challenges

We are part of the solution

False Creek South Neighbourhood Association created *RePlan in 2010 to work with the City of Vancouver on developing new lease options to preserve the community beyond lease expiry. We believe new leases are enablers for creating affordable housing options for all residents – in co-ops, non-profits and stratas – to remain in the community. We also support an increase in density, while protecting the neighbourhood’s character, to welcome others to this wonderful community. We love where we live!

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The Joint Co-op Board Committee

Representing the interests of False Creek South RePlan co-ops with board-appointed delegates from each RePlan co-op

A Board of Boards

The Joint Co-op Board Committee–more commonly known as the JCBC–meets several times a year to make decisions on significant RePlan co-op related matters. Learn more by reading the minutes or asking your co-op board for an update

Co-op Authorized Working Group

Consider the Authorized Working Group as the JCBC's research arm. Have questions? The AWG likely has an answer

Details matter

The Co-op Authorized Working Group–more commonly known as the AWG–is one of our most active subcommittees, meeting regularly to discuss and plan important research projects, and receive and provide updates on the False Creek South planning and co-op lease negotiation processes. If your False Creek South co-op is interested in receiving a presentation relating to the False Creek South planning process, the AWG is happy to deliver.

Strata Leaseholder Society

Your strata council-appointed delegates, keeping your strata up-to-date with strata and RePlan news

Helping shape the options

The Strata Leasehold Society, aka, the SLS, meets every month to hear updates on the RePlan process and discuss approaches to upcoming issues. Members look to provide a direct two-way link between their respective strata councils and RePlan and ensure the development of affordable and flexible lease repayment options and a timely resolution to lease-end issues

participating co-ops and stratas
active volunteers

Meet the *RePlan Leadership Group

The *RePlan Leadership Group is comprised of the elected leadership of the False Creek South Community Association (FCSNA), the Strata Leaseholder Society, the Authorized Working Group and the Joint Co-op Board Committee. Other members include working group Chairs and liaisons to the Co-op Housing Federation of BC and the FCSNA. Richard Evans chairs the *RePlan Leadership Group, which discusses and advances major decisions, provides an important venue for *RePlan members to share information, and provides direction to *RePlan consultants


Richard Evans
Richard EvansChair of RePlan
Richard has lived in False Creek since 1986. He is an architect who practices within his own firm, and has a broad range of experience with primarily First Nation communities across BC. Richard has chaired *RePlan since its’ inception, and is an active member of the False Creek Housing Co-operative. Richard was instrumental in creating *RePlan, and recognized early in the process that approaching the City of Vancouver to address the renewal of leases as a collective of tenure interests rather than as individual lease holders would lead to a more comprehensive and satisfactory outcome.
In addition to chairing the regular activities of *RePlan, Richard is active on the organization’s Leadership Group, and liaises with the City of Vancouver on a regular basis to explore options for the renewal of a neighbourhood that is recognized worldwide as an example of successful urban design.
Wendy Herdin
Wendy HerdinPresident, False Creek South Neighbourhood Association
Wendy has enjoyed living in FCS since the inception of the False Creek development and has had the good fortune to raise her children here. As a village within a city it has provided the safety and freedom for kids to play outside and have access to all amenities. Wendy is the delegate from Alder Bay Housing co-op to FCSNA, currently serving on the board as president. Living in Alder Bay co-op she has the privilege of enjoying coop life and is a member of the ABC Finance Committee. Committed to keeping the neighbourhood a place residents can call home, Wendy is a member of both the *RePlan Leadership Group and the *RePlan Co-op Subcommittee. She has worked in the financial sector for 35 years, where she has held management roles in operations and administration in different areas of the industry. Wendy spends much of her free time with family, friends and her dog enjoying the amenities of False Creek South and its neighbour Granville Island.
Jim Woodward
Jim WoodwardVice President, False Creek South Neighbourhood Association
Jim Woodward has been a housing professional for 33 years, starting with 10 years as a development consultant for Inner City Housing Society. In 1992, he was the Secretary to the BC Provincial Commission on Housing Options. In this role, he coordinated a provincial housing consultation process for the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Recreation and Housing. Then Jim was a director at BC Housing for six years, responsible for delivering the provincial housing program, HOMES BC. Jim operated an independent housing policy, planning and research consultancy from 1999 to 2014, serving clients from all levels of government, health authorities, universities and non-profit housing providers. Since 2012, Jim has been a volunteer with the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association and its *RePlan committee.
Richard Marchant
Richard MarchantPresident, Strata Leaseholder Society
Richard has enjoyed living in and being a part of the False Creek South community since the fall of 2014, when he and his wife were fortunate enough to move into the Creek Village strata. He quickly became involved in the community, joining strata council, becoming the strata representative to the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association and RePlan’s Strata Leaseholder Society, of which he is now President.
Richard’s university education is both technical (Engineering) and in business (MBA). His professional experience encompasses the utilities and transportation sector with an international consulting firm, as well as electric utilities and a regulatory body as a project and strategic manager.
Before retiring, Richard was a senior executive with BC Hydro, leading Customer Care, Power Smart, Power Acquisition and Powertech Labs.
Nancy Hannum
Nancy HannumChair, Co-op Authorized Working Group, Joint Co-op Board Committee
Nancy has lived at Alder Bay Co-op since 1993 and in some version of a co-op for many years. She is a retired law librarian and educator in public legal information and still uses her legal research skills. She was active in the BC Library Association, a former Board member of West Coast Environmental Law, and has experience in community development. Nancy loves False Creek for the community, the co-op spirit, the many friends who join her for long walks on the sea wall, walkable access to downtown, the incredible urban beauty, and the wonderful public market community so close by.
Marta Goodwin
Marta GoodwinTreasurer, False Creek South Neighbourhood Association
At the June 2016 FCSNA meeting, before my brain quite caught up with my vocal cords, the words, “Okay, I will,” came out of my mouth and I had agreed to fill in for the departing treasurer, “just until Christmas”. What I hadn’t realized at the time, having been a delegate to the Association for only two months, was I’d just taken on *RePlan, along with the FCSNA. So I guess you could say I became part of *RePlan by happy accident.
I’ve lived in the Creek for 21 years now. I’m a Canadian Citizen now, but was born and grew up in New England in the eastern USA. I graduated from MIT and moved to Vancouver in 1972. I raised two sons while working for many years at Vancouver Community College as an adult ESL instructor and in a series of administrative roles, culminating in my dream job, Dean of Language Studies. Somewhere in there, I completed a Master’s Degree at UBC in Higher Education, a must-have for college admin. Then, 12 years ago, after 30 years at VCC, I took early retirement, which allowed me to get much more involved in volunteering in my co-op and in the community. I love False Creek South and I love numbers, hence my involvement in *RePlan.
Val Embree
Val EmbreeCo-Chair, Authorized Working Group
I’m a long time resident of False Creek Housing Co-op. I joined my husband-to-be here and carried on to raise our son. I’ve watched a couple of generations of kids grow and thrive here, as well as neighbours age in place. We’ve really had a village experience welcoming the new, managing changes, looking to the future.
I’m a health services planner by profession, and have used those organizational development skills to support the co-ops’ Authorized Working Group with communications, education and consultation within and among the co-ops. It’s been very rewarding these last few years linking to other co-ops and CHF BC, as well as neighbours in the stratas through RePlan and the FCSNA Refugee Committee. I am enthusiastic about the positive possibilities of building new housing designed to support aging in place, facilitated potentially by a Community Land Trust.
Bob Lewis
Bob LewisCo-Chair, Authorized Working Group
Bob Lewis has been a member of Marina Co-op for 5 years, where he serves on the Board, and joined *RePlan’s Co-op Authorized Working Group in 2014. Bob brings over fifteen years of experience from the real estate sector and has served multiple organizations in governance and advisory roles, including, SUCCESS Entrepreneurial Program, Canada-Singapore Business Association and the Centre for Spiritual Living. More recently, Bob was elected as a Director to CHF BC. Bob is excited to bring his leadership experience and expertise from the co-op sector to *RePlan’s ongoing work with the City, False Creek South residents and other partners.
Panos Grames
Panos GramesChair, Sustainability Working Group
Panos Grames has worked as a communications and public engagement specialist with the David Suzuki Foundation for 15 years. A resident of False Creek South since 2003, Panos is an avid participant in community events, serving on his strata council, helping establish community gardens, participating in the False Creek Elementary Parent Advisory Committee, and coaching school sports teams. As a parent, pedestrian, cyclist, and rower, he has a variety of perspectives from which he admires and enjoys the False Creek community.
Erin Gilchrist
Erin GilchristCooperative Housing Federation of BC Liaison
I have lived in Heritage Housing Co-operative in Fairview slopes for over 15 years. I love the community spirit and the sense of inclusiveness that permeates the False Creek South neighbourhood, and I became involved with RePlan five years ago when looking for partners in negotiating renewal of our land lease with the City of Vancouver.
I currently sit on the Boards of the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC, and of the Community Land Trust Foundation of BC, two non-profit groups that share some common interests with RePlan.
In my professional life, I am a scientist and project manager. My training in this field has taught me to look at facts objectively and to embrace challenge by seeking creative solutions.
I celebrate diversity in all its forms and I am an outspoken advocate for anti-racism, LGBTQ rights, feminism, adoption, science education and, of course, affordable housing.
Graham McGarva
Graham McGarvaChair, Community Planning, Urban Design and Building Condition Working Group
My wife and I and two young sons moved in to Alder Bay Housing Co-op False Creek’s mud in 1979, and Suzy and I have lived and walked here ever since. We co-founded the architectural practice that became VIA Architecture, with a passionate interest in creating “connective communities”. Through that work, I became a Principal Planner for Concord Pacific’s False Creek North, and the Prime Consultant for the master planning of southeast False Creek and its Olympic Village; several of my architectural works are within walking distance, including Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver Canucks Arena, and rapid transit stations. I have been involved with *RePlan since 2010, and seek to bring my experience in the “poetry and mathematics” of urban planning and infrastructure implementation to the service of sustaining this community that I love.
Sharon Yandle
Sharon YandleFalse Creek South Neighbourhood Association Liaison
Sharon Yandle, a third-generation Vancouverite and long-term resident of False Creek South is the past president of the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association. Her background is in labour relations as a negotiator, arbitration advocate and board member in both rights and interest disputes and as consultant to several private and public sector organizations. A researcher, editor and author of numerous studies and reports in her field, Sharon taught courses in labour relations and collective bargaining for the University of Victoria. As a longtime seeker after worthy causes, Sharon’s experience as an active member of many voluntary associations and boards, from neighbourhood to national, informs her current work to help preserve and enhance False Creek South as one of the world’s great urban communities.
Richard Vallee
Richard ValleeVice-Chair, Community Planning, Urban Design and Building Condition Working Group
Richard has lived in the False Creek neighbourhood for 30 years. He is an architect with broad experience spanning all aspects of the profession from planning and design to building science. He has been an active member of both the *RePlan and False Creek Housing Co-operative. Richard was instrumental in convening a group of housing co-operatives to share their goals and work together to renew the leases of the co-ops in the area within the context of the other tenures in RePlan area.
He is currently part of the RePlan Leadership Group which explores future options for the continuation neighbourhood and liaises with the City of Vancouver to make this a reality.

Staff and Consultants

Nathan Edelson
Nathan EdelsonProject Manager
Nathan Edelson is a Senior Partner with 42nd Street Consulting, focusing on planning for inclusive communities. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning. Nathan worked with the City of Vancouver Planning Department for 25 years, for much of that time as Senior Planner for the Downtown Eastside, where he managed many issues related to housing, community economic development, social services and health care facilities. He also worked on legalizing secondary suites, and on community plans for Downtown South and the Joyce Station SkyTrain area. He has been working with the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association’s *RePlan Committee since 2011, in an effort to help the community renew leases on City-owned land, develop a community plan to guide future development, and explore alternative methods of governance to engage local residents in guiding implementation of the community plan.
Robyn Chan
Robyn ChanCommunity Planning Assistant
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You can also meet with Robyn by appointment. This can be arranged via email (*email is hidden, JavaScript is required*).
Robyn is a civic and community engagement specialist. She is passionate about advocating for meaningful citizen involvement in planning processes. Robyn has a BSocSc in Political Science from the University of Ottawa, and is enrolled in the Urban Studies graduate program at SFU. She is a new resident of False Creek South.