Dramatic improvements in lighting technology and reduced costs over the last eight years have made lighting upgrades an attractive option for many enclaves in False Creek South.

Two strata councils I am involved with have undertaken this project.  The process in both cases was extremely easy. For the most part, it involved simply replacing the existing light bulbs and tubes with LED versions that are direct replacements.

Where a slightly more expensive capital cost option was indicated, we chose to replace all 70 fixtures to give the building an updated and more modern look.  This allowed us to use a more common and less expensive light bulb and made for easier maintenance (though none of the lamps replaced incrementally, starting as long as 7 years ago, have yet needed replacement).

Partly because LED tubes emit more light than their fluorescent equivalents, last much longer, and their light output does not diminish as they age, we were able to replace both tubes in dual tube fixtures with a single LED tube.  This resulted in a lower capital and much lower running and maintenance costs. Because we could also control the intensity, distribution and colour temperature through the correct choice of lamp,  the net result has been vastly improved lighting for all areas –  with a corresponding confidence in the level of security.

In both buildings, there has been an approximate 65% reduction in yearly electricity costs, allowing the amortization of investment over less than two years. As well as making council, owners and residents very happy, it’s a modest but meaningful contribution toward a more sustainable future for all.

If you wish to evaluate your own building’s potential for these benefits, there are energy consultants whose business is to advise and consult with owners. As a neighbour in False Creek South, I would also be pleased to volunteer my time to provide you with an informal evaluation, dependent on mutual time availability.

– Charlie Richmond (Henley Court)
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