To anyone in False Creek South who has had trouble getting fellow residents to abide by the rules and regulations of garbage disposal and recycling, you are not alone – and there is historical precedent.

The following is from The Creek newspaper of June 1983.

“Observing Spruce (Harbour) marina folks hammering more boards atop their new garbage huts on the seawall, we were astounded to learn it is to prevent (others) from…slinging their garbage high over the fence…

“As the irate wharfinger cleaned up yet another mess that had landed on the ground, he added, ‘The other week I found an old queen size mattress in here – and there aren’t too many boats that accommodate those.’”

Apparently, we have had centuries to learn about proper disposal. According to Encyclopedia Internet, garbage disposal in the western world began in antiquity, in 500 B.C. in Athens, where the powers that be demanded its citizens dispose of their waste at least a mile from the city’s walls, a somewhat more onerous effort than a short walk to an enclave’s bin.

Today we have long lists of what does and does not qualify as garbage or recycling suitable to each container. Garbage and recycling do’s and don’ts are available online at

Waste disposal and recycling and

Individual enclaves may have some of their own regulations.

As The Creek’s reporter wrote to finish off the article: “We don’t expect everyone here to be perfect – civilized will do.”

– Kathryn Woodward (Market Hill)