1913 And Beyond

  • That in 1913 when, under pressure from BC’s Attorney General, the indigenous people of the Kitsilano Indian Reserve sold 72 acres of their land to the government for $219,000 (about $3,000 per person), that H.H. Stevens, Vancouver’s sole MP at the time, had valued the land at $2 million, and that another offer of $1.5 million had been made?
  • That for his role in the 1913 sale of the Kitsilano Reserve land, the Indian Agent, H.O. Alexander, received $80,000? *
  • That in that same year, according to Squamish history, when the last families from the Kitsilano Reserve were loaded onto a barge before their homes were torched, the rope was cut and the barge left to float, to be rescued by other indigenous people in boats from the North Shore?

“ Vancouver: A Visual History, Bruce Macdonald, Talonbooks, 1992