Between The Bridges welcomes contributions from the False Creek South community. The editors are pleased to consider submissions of story ideas, events of interest, original photographs, and completed articles.

For those who wish to submit articles for consideration, the following guidelines may be helpful:

  • Articles should generally be between 200 and 600 words in length and of particular interest to residents of Vancouver’s False Creek South.
  • The editors prefer articles written in a lively and engaging manner that describe local activities, address local issues, and highlight contributors to our community.
  • While articles may call attention to local businesses or persons, they should not be purely promotional in character, nor advocate for specific political or religious agendas.
  • Articles should be in proposed final form, approved by all listed authors as ready for publication, and submitted by email or in plain text, not in pdf format.
  • The editors may suggest changes and in some instances participate in editorial rewrites with the permission of the author(s). The editors reserve the right to edit articles for length, clarity and format without prior notification to the author(s) and retain discretion as to whether and when an article will be published in Between The Bridges.