To no-one’s surprise, a recent Tyee article by UBC professor Patrick Condon headlined Vancouver Looks Poised To Sell Off False Creek generated waves of concern among residents of the Creek.

Market Hill resident Kathryn Woodward contacted Condon directly – then wrote to The Tyee, taking it to task for its “unnecessarily inflammatory headline (that)  caused quite a stir here in False Creek South.

“I contacted Mr. Condon, on behalf of the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association, to ask where this information came from,” she wrote, “because in all our dealings with the city on lease end issues, the City has always been firm that selling the land of False Creek South is not on the table and will not be on the table in the future.

“Mr. Condon answered me that nowhere in the article does he say there will be sell-off and he is right. Your headline writer made that up.

“Because Patrick Condon is a UBC professor and a man who writes much about planning and other city issues, the headline caused many FCS residents to assume he knew something we didn’t, i.e. that the City was now changing its position on a sell-off. This is unconscionable.”

In an earlier “Dear Neighbours” letter to the community, False Creek South Neighbourhood Association president, Wendy Herdin, wrote:

“While we conclude from both our experience and current information that the City has no intention of changing this long-standing position, our future depends heavily on both the nature of redevelopment and the resolution of the lease situation.

“Accordingly, the Association, through RePlan, is accelerating its efforts to convince our elected mayor and councillors of the urgent need to enact public policy that can protect and enhance this neighbourhood.

“To retain and increase the stock of affordable housing, based on the design and social cohesion principles of False Creek South, is a priority concern for all of us.”


(RePlan Chair Richard Evans comments on concerns raised by Patrick Condon. See The Little Mountain Fiasco: A Cautionary Tale For False Creek South? in this issue.)