In June 1982, Beryl Wilson wrote her first editorial in The Creek newspaper. She continued as Editor until July 2002. We intend to draw on her twenty years of reporting on the False Creek South neighbourhood in sharing excerpts from her editorials.

Here are a few selections from her first editorial. You can access this and other issues in the archive of The Creek at

“GREETINGS from your Publisher and Editor. Who better to wish us well than ourselves?

How do you become a Publisher? You finally decide to stop looking for somebody ELSE to do the job?

 How do you become an Editor? Simply phone a would-be Publisher for information for your Co-op newsletter and she’ll respond, ‘You’re just the person I’ve been waiting to meet. How would you like to be Editor of our local paper?’

How do you recruit delivery staff and reporters? Sit on the seawall with an 8 year-old neighbour and tell her about the paper. She’ll promptly rush off to ask mother for permission to deliver it and report back in five minutes, ‘My Mum says I can and she’d like to be a reporter…’

Our ambitions are modest – to inform and entertain, and to have fun doing it.”

Much has changed in our neighbourhood since 1982 but our ambitions for Between the Bridges are much the same.