I worked with Beryl Wilson and wrote a monthly column entitled the Granville Island Rambler. As I was getting ready to leave her home on a recent visit she reached out and and gently grasped my arm – and with her warm smile she said: “David, there are only two¬†things in life that are important. The first is that we are loved — and the second is that we made a difference.” Beryl was loved and cherished by many; and she made an incredible difference in the lives she touched. Her amazing little paper was the fabric upon which our South False Creek neighbourhood wove a tapestry that bound and brought our community together. I am incredibly saddened by her passing – however I am also incredibly glad she came my way. I miss you lovely lady.

David McCann is a past treasurer of the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association. He was also an active member of the Greater Vancouver Floating Home Co-op in Spruce Harbour.