All sorts of families grow in False Creek South, including many with young children. When children are taught how to garden and grow food, they learn first hand that food comes from the natural world and develop respect for Mother Nature in coming to understand natural cycles:  planting, growth, harvest, compost, and decay. 

Gardening also promotes proactive mental health as it encourages patience, curiosity, and attention to detail. And anecdotally, parents report that kids are more likely to eat vegetables when they have had a hand in growing them. 

We are fortunate to have two community gardens here ‘between the bridges’, both of which include plots for kids.  Plus, at False Creek Elementary there is a garden for younger kids at the back of the school, with worm bins, an indoor display cabinet that includes grow lights to start plants in colder weather, and a garden club.

At Charleson Park Community Garden, the Children’s Garden was initiated several years ago by Susheela Kundragi and consists of three plots. Here, Grade 6 and 7 students learn by experimenting with various techniques:  planting assorted crops, using varied methods, cover cropping, and trying different amounts of water.  The soil, tools, and storage for the Children’s Garden are all generously shared by the gardeners at Charleson Park CG.