1. That the Charleson Park trees and shrubs planted in the 70’s were chosen to replicate the rainforest that had been home to the Coast Salish people for thousands of years?

  2. That early in the last century False Creek itself extended south to what is now 6th Avenue, and east as far as Clark Drive?

  3. That the steep red roofs of False Creek Elementary School and the False Creek Housing Co-op were designed to commemorate the many freight trains that passed through these previously industrial lands?

  4. That the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association was created in the 70’s through the City’s need for a way to manage the day-to-day matters of the new community?

  5. That the FCSNA, the only delegated community association in the City, is funded by False Creek South residential enclaves (co-ops and stratas) on an annual “per door” basis, and that each enclave has sent one or more representatives to monthly Association meetings for 43 years?