1. That in the early 70’s the architectural firm of Thompson, Berwick & Pratt, designing much of the emerging community of False Creek South, tasked the students they’d employed with naming the newly-created streets? 

  2. That one of those students, Jef Keighley, who later became a union organizer, named the Castings, Ironwork Passage and Forge Walk to honour his father who had long worked for Vancouver Iron and Engineering Works?

  3. That the then-student, now architect Tony Green, gave the new plaza the name of Leg-In-Boot Square after learning that on that site police had discovered a high-cut boot with a leg in it, which went unclaimed by its never-discovered owner?

  4. That the short street west of the Square was, and is, named Ferry Row after a projected ferry stop that never materialized?

  5. That one of the workers building the wooden walkway on the seawall at Spruce Harbour Marina was an Italian by name of Cesare who, the story goes, talked so much and so loudly and authoritatively during its construction that his workmates named it Caesar’s Bridge – a name that exists to this day?

Image by Ruth Hartnup