In the early 1970s the City of Vancouver took a bold step in reimagining the former industrial lands at False Creek South as a new urban residential neighbourhood. The master plan called for a mix of one-third each of non-market rental housing, co-ops and condominiums in a low-to mid-rise, high amenity neighbourhood patterned on residential enclaves.  It has been an innovative and award winning neighbourhood that continues as an inclusive community for all ages and incomes. 

Fast forward almost 50 years, and the City has embarked upon a community planning process for False Creek South that will result in a roadmap for future development. Initiated in May of 2017, the first part of that process led to a Council-approved vision for the future that reaffirms the past:

“A renewed False Creek South enhances the living legacy of the community in realizing incremental growth in an equitable, innovative manner.

It is a place where a diversity of people live, work, interact, shop and play, and where strong social and physical connections exist. It is a resilient and sustainable neighbourhood in the city core.”

*RePlan, a committee of the FCSNA, has been at work for years advocating for this continuity of spirit, even as it recognizes that the density of this residential neighbourhood will necessarily increase. 

Now the formal planning process may soon resume, following a hiatus to discuss leasehold issues. It will do so under guidance of a new Council with new priorities, and within a changing urban context: How will the Broadway Corridor Planning influence what happens here? How will both fit within CityPlan and a renewed emphasis on affordability? Will there be a major realignment of roadways into and through the neighbourhood? What about climate change?  

*RePlan is launching a speaker series to address these and other questions. Check out the events page for more information.