2017 Year in Review

In 2017, *RePlan members used the generous financial support we received from False Creek South co-ops and stratas to advance our work with the City of Vancouver on:

  • Lease modification and extension – for all tenures, co-op, strata and non-profit housing

  • Community planning – *RePlan and FCS residents have engaged in the City’s planning process to develop neighbourhood-wide planning principles

  • FCS Resident Protection and Retention Plan (RPRP) – so all FCS residents can remain in the community

Our objectives in working with City Council and staff are to:

  • Protect the integrity, continuity and longevity of our community

  • Provide lease modification and extension options acceptable to a majority of leaseholders

  • Provide certainty of tenure

  • Increase affordable housing stock in FCS

  • Support the ongoing maintenance of our buildings

  • Keep pace with Vancouver demographics, especially by incorporating more young families in the community

You can find out more about our 2017 activities here.