Strata Delegates Work Towards Lease Resolution Options with City

As many of you know, *RePlan has been working with neighbours, community partners and City staff to obtain certainty around leases for all tenure types. As part of the strata lease resolution process, delegates of the *RePlan Strata Leasehold Subcommittee (SLS) have been actively engaged in discussions with City staff to move towards a resolution. For those unfamiliar with recent events, a quick recap:

  • July, 2016: Council passes recommendations directing staff to commence engagement on several issues relating to resolving end-of-lease issues for all tenure groups in False Creek South and to report back in December [see report]

  • Fall, 2016: SLS meets with City staff to provide feedback on how the City would like to engage; SLS leadership begins to regularly liaise with Real Estate staff to advocate for certainty around leases for strata leaseholders

  • Jan 30th, 2017: Staff report back on progress and city council directs staff to engage with strata leaseholders to develop a framework to negotiate a resolution to strata leasehold issues [see report]. Staff are asked to report back on this framework in the Spring

  • May, 2017: City staff hold information sessions for strata leaseholders to outline and seek feedback on their proposed framework to address strata leasehold issues

  • Nov 2016-July 2017: All leasehold strata buildings appoint or elect delegate(s) to act as liaison in the City’s lease resolution discussions


  • July 12, 2017: Staff outline an approach to city council of discussions with strata delegates to identify issues and develop options in meetings through the Summer and Fall, before making offers to strata leaseholders [see report]

Stay Up-to-Date

Since the July 12th report, strata delegates have been hard at work, committing several hours over the course of three discussions with Real Estate staff, with two more meetings scheduled for October. Prior to these discussions, the SLS provided City staff with a list of issues that were brainstormed by strata delegates along with a summary of issues and potential solutions previously published by *RePlan [see that summary here].

If you are a strata leaseholder it is important you remain engaged with your strata’s delegate and upcoming information opportunities at your building. If you do not kno