Whats new with Azad, Helwa, Aya and Pella? Read on!

English Classes

Helwa continues to attend afternoon English Classes at MOSAIC at level 5.  In September she was able to take both girls with her as child care became available for them.  Azad started informal classes with Wes in September.  Wes and Marie-Claude will continue to provide Azad with English lessons until his class accepts new students. He is #70 on the waitlist for level 4 classes at Vancouver Community College for evening classes.


Azad worked in August when Helwa was not in classes.  He got a job painting in Port Moody with the help of Sheyar (Rojin’s husband).  He has been working for the last few weeks on Granville Island, also painting.  Thanks to Rami and David McCann for helping him get the job and for giving him this opportunity. Azad is keen to continue working in an environment where he can practise his English – perhaps a store.  If anyone has any leads, please let us know by e-mailing *email is hidden, JavaScript is required*.

Learners’ Licences

In September both Azad and Helwa earned their learner’s licences taking their test in English instead of choosing the easier option of Arabic.  The family was given a car by one of the residents in the False Creek Co-op.  Wes has included car ownership and the responsibilities and expenses in his informal English classes with Azad.

Moving Time

In early October the family will move into a two-bedroom unit in the False Creek Housing Co-operative.  We have hired Rami to assist with the move from Twin Rainbows. The unit is on the east side of Charleson Park.

The family was invited to the annual summer BBQ and to the Annual General Meeting to meet co-op residents.  They are very excited about the move and about participating in the events and tasks in the co-op.

The family has sincerely appreciated the residents in Twin Rainbows Co-op for making them feel welcome and included.  Our short term lease on the apartment at Twin Rainbows was coming to an end so this opportunity at False Creek Co-op has come at the perfect time.

Sedar, Rami, Lilyan and Rosel

Our first family, Rami, Sedar, Lilyan and Rosel, continues to thrive in Habitat Villa at Jericho Beach.  Lilyan started pre-school at West Point Grey Community Center in September.  Rami continues to work two jobs (full time on Granville Island and Spruce Harbour Marina part time.  Three evenings a week he attends English classes at MOSAIC.  He has moved up from level 3 to level 4 already.  Sedar is riding her bike three days a week to take Lilyan to the pre-school.  She is meeting more parents there and she and Helwa speak on the phone every day.

Please visit when you can!

Both families love visitors!  If you have not had a chance to visit lately, please do not hesitate to drop in for a visit.  If you have not met the family yet and would like an introduction on your first visit, please contact us at *email is hidden, JavaScript is required*. One of us on the sponsorship committee would be happy to accompany you on the visit.