📸  ATTENTION ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS 📸  (and photo fans!)

While the photogenic Creek is all over internet image searches there is no place to go to find photos specifically of False Creek South–until now.
We have created what will hopefully become a comprehensive repository of photography from False Creek South on Flickr! We encourage you to share your photography of False Creek South and help build what will eventually be a great library photos.
Additionally, FCSNA and *RePlan is looking for high resolution photos that may be featured in future publications (print and online). If you have thse, please post them in the group! Please also note that sharing a photo to the group does not give anyone permission to use your photo. Flickr allows you to select different types of licenses, so the decision is yours!

Looking north to an industrial False Creek South in the early 70's from the perch of 7th and Oak.

View of the industrial False Creek South from 8th and Oak St. Nd. (Early 70’s) – Shared by Val Embree