2016 has been a watershed year for False Creek South! With the help of significant support from our community, *RePlan won unanimous support from the Mayor and Council and have started to work regularly with a team of senior staff assigned to address our community’s issues.

We have successfully worked to protect our community’s interests with the City and the Province and are encouraging new ways of looking at how to manage the land we occupy and preserve the character of our neighbourhood.

Highlights of 2016

1. Raised over $200,000 in financial support from our neighbours and supporters for legal and strategic advice, communications and administrative support

  • *RePlan volunteers delivered 16 enclave presentations in early 2016 to explain the lease situation and ask residents for their financial support. Link to a summary of contributions by enclave

  • Received financial support from 6 co-ops and 13 stratas

  • Vancity continued it’s loyal support with it’s 4th Community Partnership Program grant of $50,000

  • The False Creek South Neighbourhood Association gave *RePlan its annual $3,000 grant

2. Became active participants in meetings with the City’s False Creek South team

  • After a long period of lobbying the City to establish and fund a project team to address our issues, they appointed a Project Manager and assigned senior staff to do the work in January 2016.

  • To date, *RePlan volunteers have attended 20 meetings with the City’s team focusing on: establishing a common vision and principles, identifying the work plan tasks and starting to explore solutions to the challenges of lease renewal

3. July 13: Won unanimous support from the Mayor and Vancouver City

4. Built the framework for developing strategies and for communicating with our neighbours

  • *RePlan’s Strategy Team meets every second week to review progress with the City and to plan next steps

  • Two important subcommittees were solidified in 2016: the Authorized Working Group representing the Housing Co-ops, and the Strata Leaseholders Subcommittee representing strata leaseholders. These groups will be the essential conduits for communicating with residents in 2017. Link to the terms of reference for the SLS and the AWG (a subsidiary of *RePlan’s Joint Co-op Board Committee)

5. Successfully opposed The City of Vancouver’s request to the Province to change the Strata Property Act

  • Solid legal advice helped us to demonstrate to the Province that the City’s proposed lease end valuation model would be detrimental to False Creek South leaseholders

6. Encouraged new thinking on how False Creek South land is governed to support affordable housing goals

  • *RePlan secured financial support from the Real Estate Foundation of BC to research alternatives to the City’s current governance model for the False Creek South land including Community Land Trusts

  • The FCSNA sponsored and organized an inspiring public lecture and day-long professional workshop on Community Land Trust as a model for affordable housing on September 9th. The Keynote presentation was made by Brenda Torpy, CEO of the Champlain Housing Trust

Expectations for 2017

Significantly increase two-way communications with our neighbours

Look for:

  • Regular updates to the website: falsecreeksouth.org/replan

  • Presentations from *RePlan volunteers

  • Emails and printed materials

  • Questionnaires and other methods of gathering information from residents

Participate in regular meetings with the City’s False Creek South team.

Look for:

  • A clear, shared vision and principles

  • A defined work plan with target dates

  • Emerging options for lease renewal

Continue our research into alternative governance models and affordable lease renewal options

Look for:

  • Information on the website

  • Public presentations and information gathering sessions

Please direct any questions or comments regarding *RePlan to *email is hidden, JavaScript is required*