False Creek South (FCS) residents achieved a notable success on July 13th.  At *RePlan’s first public meeting with Vancouver City Council, Councillors voted unanimously on a five-point motion proposed by Councillor Reimer, which we believe will lay the foundation for lease renewal, with affordable options to enable all residents to stay in the community if they choose.

Richard Evans, *RePlan Chair, and Anne Kaye, Communications Chair, called on Council to work with *RePlan to develop lease renewal models for all tenure types – strata, co-op and rental housing – by the end of 2017. They presented the five principles that *RePlan has developed and refined in numerous conversations with the IMG_7459comm
unity as “a succinct vision for our neighbourhood and our preferred approach to achieving it.”

“The community’s participation and support made today’s success possible,” says Richard Evans. “Co-op and strata owners have provided funding for *RePlan, filled in our surveys, and volunteered hundreds of hours to work with us because they care about the future of our community.”

Andy Broderick, Vancity Vice President of Impact Market Development, added his voice in support of *RePlan’s presentation saying, “… the value in False Creek South cannot just be measured in monetary return, but also resides as much in its residents’ commitment to community development.” (Vancity has just approved $50,000 in funding for *RePlan, in addition to previous annual grants.)

The Mayor and several Councillors expressed admiration and thanks for our community’s commitment to its neighbourhood before Councillor Reimer’s motion was passed unanimously.City-Hall-2-Original-Size-1024x768 (free use)

This important step forward is the start of more work for us as a community. Please be ready to support *RePlan in the work that lies ahead with the City, including participating in developing the plan and timeline, framing lease renewal models for all tenure types, undertaking a building condition assessment, and resolving the strata end-of-lease payment question with the provincial government.

You can view a video of the full session with council

[Click Here], view our presentation to council [Click Here] and staff’s presentation [Click Here]. To read more about *RePlan [Click Here].

Next up: *RePlan is sponsoring a major event on Community Land Trusts on September 9, 2016 you won’t want to miss.


Wording of Final Approved Motion – see the City Clerk’s Website for more details [Click Here]

MOVED by Councillor Reimer

THAT the Committee recommend to Council

A: THAT Council direct staff to consult with key stakeholders on the Draft False Creek South Engagement Principles attached as Appendix A of the Administrative Report dated July 4, 2016, entitled “False Creek South Update”, and report back to Council with a recommendation on the Principles that includes addressing community concerns by Fall 2016.

B: THAT staff work with *RePlan, a subcommittee of the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association, to explore affordable housing options for all False Creek South residents to remain in the neighbourhood, in line with the City’s affordable housing policies and programs.

C: THAT staff continue to work with the provincial government and to consult with False Creek South strata leaseholders to clarify the methodology for determining the fair market value of each strata leaseholder’s interest in the strata lot upon expiry of the strata lot lease.

D: THAT the General Manager, Community Services report back to Council by Fall 2016 with a workplan and timeline for negotiating False Creek South co-op lease renewals in context of a broader non-market housing end-of-lease strategy framework.

E: THAT the General Manager of Real Estate and Facilities Management report back to Council by Fall 2016 with a plan to undertake an assessment of building conditions in the neighbourhood, including identification of any resources required to do so;

F: FURTHER THAT staff report back with next steps on resolving the strata leasehold end-of-lease payment issue.


(Councillor Meggs absent due to Conflict of Interest) (Vote No. 01386)