Planning False Creek South: What’s next?

In the early 1970s the City of Vancouver took a bold step in reimagining the former industrial lands at False Creek South as a new urban residential neighbourhood. The master plan called for a mix of one-third each of [...]

Introduction to Between the Bridges

The City of Vancouver initiated the False Creek South Neighbourhood Association in the 1970s in order to create a collective voice for residents within its visionary new livable community along the south shore of False Creek. Over the [...]

Neighbour Profile: Convivial? Very!

When Beth Dempster wondered what to name her first coffee shop she received unequivocal advice: Find a short word that people will understand. Instead, she chose Convivial because “it’s such a great word and I love it”. Conceding that [...]

False Creek South Neighbourhood Association

The False Creek South Neighbourhood Association was formally established early in the development of the community. FCSNA is an elected body with representatives from all of the housing co-operatives in the area and most strata enclaves, including those leasing land, or water, from the City, as well as those on freehold properties. We recently expanded our membership to include representatives from enclaves run by non-profit housing societies. Read more here.


Our Mission is to create a dialogue with the City of Vancouver to establish a process to preserve and enhance the False Creek South community beyond lease end, enabling the community to evolve and diversify in a way that is sustainable for existing residents and the City of Vancouver. Read more here.