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While the photogenic Creek is all over internet image searches there is no place to go to find photos specifically of False Creek South–until now.
We have created what will hopefully become a

City of Vancouver approves community planning process for False Creek South

On January 25th, Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to support seven recommendations for False Creek South (FCS), which will:

  • Develop Terms of Reference to guide a community planning process in FCS

  • Develop affordable housing options for all FCS residents […]

Remembering Joe Wai

Credits: Brian Kent, PNG; Rob Newell, Vancouver CourierVNB Photo; Jason Payne, PNG

Renowned city architect Joe Wai passed away January 11, leaving behind a legacy of contributions to […]


Our False Creek South Community was Named Best Neighbourhood by the Vancouver Magazine

Image taken by Thomas Bullock

False Creek South, was named Vancouver’s best place to live by the The Vancouver Magazine in its first-ever quantitative ranking of all 39 neighbourhoods.
As the authors point out: Living in False Creek South is more desirable and attractive than it has ever been given the lack of affordable housing and family-suited units in Vancouver.

Read the full article on their website:


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