Granville Island 2040

Image of Granville Island Public Market red and white striped awning and the Market sign on the roof

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Granville Island’s “landlord”) has initiated the Granville Island 2040 […]

Progress Continues in September Meetings with the City of Vancouver

*RePlan logo It remains very important that False Creek South residents on leased-land remain up-to-date and aware of activities between *RePlan and the City of Vancouver. This is an update on recent progress, with more […]

The 3rd Grill & Chill – A Special One!

The piñata was hung, the 40th anniversary cake placed in the middle of the table, tables set, the volunteers galore wondering what they could do next, and the portapotty guarding the area for all of us!

BBQs were on at […]


Our False Creek South Community was Named Best Neighbourhood by the Vancouver Magazine

False Creek South, was named Vancouver’s best place to live by the The Vancouver Magazine in its first-ever quantitative ranking of all 39 neighbourhoods.
As the authors point out: Living in False Creek South is more desirable and attractive than it has ever been given the lack of affordable housing and family-suited units in Vancouver.

Read the full article on their website:


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